Preparation of Micro-Electrolytic Iron-Carbon Filler for Sewage by Recycling Metallurgical Dust

Publikationen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelForschung(peer-reviewed)


  • Runsheng Xu
  • Yuchen Zhang
  • Xiaoming Huang
  • Minghui Cao
  • Jiyong Yu
  • Jianliang Zhang

Externe Organisationseinheiten

  • State Key Laboratory of Advanced Metallurgy
  • University of Science and Technology Beijing
  • MCC Jingcheng Engineering Technology Co.


In this paper, a new iron-carbon micro-electrolytic filler for wastewater treatment was prepared using the blast furnace dust. The effects of preparation conditions on the performance of the filler during the wastewater treatment were investigated. The optimal preparation conditions of the filler were obtained, which provided an experimental theoretical basis for the use of metallurgical dust sludge in the preparation of micro-electrolytic fillers. From the results of treating methyl orange-simulated wastewater with fillers of different preparation conditions, it could be obtained that the improvement of the filler processing performance requires a suitable iron to carbon ratio, sintering time, and sintering temperature. The optimum preparation conditions were a 1:2 iron-carbon ratio, 30 min sintering time, and 1100 °C sintering temperature. The effect of treatment conditions on the performance of the iron-carbon micro-electrolytic filler was also investigated. The results showed that increasing the filler addition, increasing the treatment temperature, and decreasing the initial pH could effectively improve the treatment efficiency of the filler for methyl orange-simulated wastewater. More than 99% of the methyl orange could be removed in the wastewater under the conditions of 5 g of filler, 40 °C, and pH = 3.


StatusVeröffentlicht - 29 März 2023